Photo By Mikko Toiviainen

Photo By Mikko Toiviainen

Jerimiah Smith

b. 1985

Jerimiah is a photographer living in Birmingham Al. Hailing from the woods of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California Jerimiah shot his first photo on film in 1998. The photography journey was short lived do to lack of funds for his own camera and skateboarding was something that took over his life for the next 2 decades. Photography found its way back into his life casually in 2015 when he sold everything he owned and set out to live on the open road with his partner. Shooting photos of their travels over 2 years and across 42 states sparked a new love affair for making photos. But it wasn’t until 2017 when Jerimiah found his true passion for photography while exploring his new home outside Birmingham Al. The south was a huge culture shock for him on many levels and he felt it was his duty to get out there and make sense of it all by meeting the people that make up the small towns in his area. Through those connections Jerimiah’s photography started to shine and is the majority of the work you see today.His natural approach to humans makes photography second nature, nothing looks staged and more importantly it never feels it. Jerimiah enjoys shooting photos of the unknown faces of rural Alabama and beyond. He believes everyone has a story and he loves nothing more than meeting new people and traveling the rural landscapes of central Alabama and beyond.

If you would like to work with Jerimiah please contact him below. Will travel.

P: 630.373.2902